Truck Loader Game

Truck Loader Game Overview

There are many different games available online nowadays. Among the most popular types are the flash games. Some of these flash games are specifically created for educational purposes, focusing on a particular school subject, Science, as an example. These games also exist with the goal of providing a wholesome entertainment to children. These flash games are conventional enough that even adults of any age find playing the games interesting and mind boggling.

One such example of an interesting flash game is the Truck Loader Game. This game incorporates Physics in all its challenges. Currently, there are different versions of the game available, with each version offering a different challenge and twist. All of the different versions work with the basic rule in playing the Truck Loader Game.


There are boxes, in each level, which needs to be transferred and stacked in the right position, at the right place. The player will be in control of the movement of the amazing magnetic forklift truck. All you have to do is to guide the magnet in order to pick up the boxes and move it to anywhere previously determined locations.


Generally, there are 20 challenging levels in each Truck Loader Game. In order to move to the next level, you need to successfully pass through a level. This game is quite interesting because it promotes hand, eye and brain coordination. As it is a greatly scientific game which focuses on Physics, the player needs to strategize every movement with the goal of ultimately finishing the game triumphantly.