Truck Loader 5

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Truck Loader 5: The Ultimatum

It is said that playing online flash games help in developing cognitive skills. It helps improve memory and problem solving skill. Well, this idea is not just based on useless talk, since studies have proved its truth. When a player, especially young ones, starts to play a wholesome online flash game, the function of the brain is improved. However, this can only prove true when the game selected is one which is not only wholesome, but also one which incorporates learning through the process.

There are many of those games available online. One striking example is the Truck Loader 5 game, which is the newest installment in the game series.


Like its predecessors, this game offers a different level of challenge, fun, excitement, and learning combined. This is great for players of all ages. Adults can play the game with strategy, while the young ones will be introduced to the principles of Physics.

The components of the game are similar to the ones with the previous versions, and still, the hero of the game is the yellow forklift truck which is controlled by the player. The objective of the game remains the same. The boxes need to be moved to the delivery truck successfully, after passing a whole level of challenges and strategy making.

The Truck Loader 5 game starts with the introductory level which proves to be an inviting one, leading the player on to finishing more and more levels, until reaching the 30th and final level.  Throughout the entire game, different levels with different challenges, and twists are presented. Each game has its own level of difficulty.

Some level may require using levers, lifts, and buttons, which are all working under the principles of Physics.  The secret to finishing each level is greatly dependent on the level of strategy created by the player at the start of the game. The game is easy to follow, and it does not take a rocket scientist to understand how each item in the game screen moves, and the role that each of them play in the success of the game.



As with every other game, there are trades and secrets to completing all levels of the Truck Loader 5 game.  In the online gaming world nowadays, each game comes with a cheat, a back office application which is created with the purpose of completing the fame without hassle. Specific functions are introduced in order to complete the levels fast. But then again, what is the purpose of playing the game? If the game is played purely for fun, then it is not fun to use a cheat.

Because this game is learning oriented, using a cheat works pretty much the same principle as with using a cheat paper during an examination. The purpose of the entire game is defeated. Thus, it is recommendable to play the game fairly. Doing so enhances the level of fun and the satisfaction felt after each level is completed successfully out of the player’s own initiative.