Truck Loader 4

Truck Loader 4: The Challenge

The effect of playing flash online games is quite unbelievable, and superb! According to a certain study, one out of four internet users are keen in visiting online game sites, which gives a whooping number of 217 million games every year. But the question is: Are those games wholesome? Well, not all of them.


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Therefore, there is a need to be cautious still. On the brighter side, there are other types of games which reach the intellectual capacity of the players.

Those games are the ones which integrate learning to the fun experienced. One example is the Truck Loader 4 game, which incorporates Physics in all its challenging levels. This game is the fourth instalment of the truck loader game series, and it promises a lot of challenging, yet fun levels to play with.

The game starts with the first level, ‘Let’s start’. As expected, this is the welcoming level, so the players are given a challenge which is entertaining and easy. The green button is pushed so that the box from the top will fall, and then the forklift truck will just push the box to the truck. As a reminder, after pushing the box inside the truck, you, the player controlling the magnetized forklift truck, should leave the truck immediately, or else you will end up getting stuck at the back of the truck.

Now, let’s jump to the tenth level, called the ‘Box Cannon’. In this level, the forklift truck will push the box to the lever, sliding it, and pushing down to the truck.  It may look easy, but a player who just plays without thinking might find this level challenging.


This is one reason why Truck Loader 4 game is considered as one of those games which reaches the intellectual capacity of a player, because nobody gets to the end successful without finishing each level with flying colors. Yes, there are available cheats online, but using them ultimately defeats the purpose of playing the challenging game. Using the cheat removes the challenge.

As the level goes higher, the challenges prove to be more exciting. For example, level 20 is called ‘The Tricky One’. True enough, the challenging level is tricky for the players. There is a two-level lift on the left side. The forklift truck takes on the lift going to the second level, throwing the first box to the end, so that it pushes the blue button. The blue button will then elevate the lift and the forklift truck to the topmost level, where the second box is found.

The magnetized forklift truck will then throw the second box to the lower, second level, shooting it to the portion with the green button. Pressing the green button will open the bar, throwing the box straight to the truck. As for the first box, the magnetized forklift truck will pick it up to the lift going down, then pushing it to the truck. For this fourth offer, Truck Loader 4 has again, proved to be a very exciting 30 challenging levels game.